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Newsight's Goal

Making 3D technology accessible for mass market applications across industries.

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Machine Vision

eTOF™ Technology

Newsight’s patented eTOF™ (enhanced Time-of-Flight) technology can provide a high frame rate for a fast and detailed acquisition of depth points. Each pixel is configurable for all eTOF™ steps. This enables full ToF results in a single frame, allowing an extremely fast and accurate distance measurement.

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eTOF LiDAR 3.0 based on the advanced NSI9000 CMOS image sensor (1024×480 px)

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eTOF™ LiDAR based on Newsight’s NSI1000 sensor (1024 x 32 px)

Machine Vision

Multi Triangulation Technology

Laser triangulation technology is applied with a laser that projects light onto a target. The distance is measured based on a calculation of the angle of the returned light. Newsight’s CMOS sensors use its pixels array to identify distance accurately and reduce reflections/noises.


  • Smart manufacturing that require exact short-range measurements
  • Part/assembly production inspection processes
Our Joint Venture with MEKOROT


Watersight is a technology company that specializes in advanced CMOS image sensors for spectral analysis. It's flagship product AquaRing™ is a solution for online condition-based monitoring (CbM). Based on Newsight’s proven spectral sensor, this technology allows for real-time water analysis alerts at an unbeatable price. Enhanced by AI, the device enables the diagnosis of the water’s quality, safety, and security.

Specially designed for Beverage Process, Municipal, Environmental, Agriculture, Effluent, and more

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