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AquaRing Pilot Program

Experience our technology!

Watersight invites you to gain hands-on experience with our innovative technology.

With our team’s close support, you will have the opportunity to understand where Watersight can provide the most value to your company.

Join industry leaders that have already joined with successful results.

Potential Applications & Industries

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Environmental/ Agricultural

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Food & Beverage Process

Smart, small & low-cost

The AquaRing is Watersight's flagship IoT device for online condition-based monitoring (CbM) of a flowing system or process. Based on Newsight's proven spectral sensor, this technology allows for real-time alerts at an unbeatable price.



Validated Spectral Technology


The AquaRing can detect anomalies by measuring absorbance values within the visible to near-infrared spectrum.

✅ Informed decision making

✅ Water risk management

✅ Real-time reports and alerts

These advantages make it ideal for mass deployment by water utilities, food & beverages, agriculture, and more.

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Watersight announced the start of the field test at MEKOROT®’s water monitoring facility in northern Israel alongside the addition of U.S. global companies to its pilot water monitoring program utilizing the AquaRing.

About Watersight

Watersight’s mission is to become a major player in the mass and high-quality, remote, online water monitoring market. By leveraging its unique combination of spectroscopy and AI technology Watersight offers a powerful and affordable, end-to-end SaaS monitoring system. Watersight’s solution enables real time Condition-based Monitoring anytime, anywhere. This unique technology is based on Newsight’s proven spectral sensor, empowered by AI, to provide an accurate diagnosis of the water’s quality and security.

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