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The new sensing approach

The Pilot Program includes a set of AQUARING™ sensors, along with an installation kit and software to evaluate multiple use cases, with Watersight’s close support and guidance.


About the AquaRing

The AQUARING™ is Watersight's flagship IoT device for online condition-based monitoring (CbM) of a flowing system or process. Based on Newsight's proven spectral sensor, this technology allows for real-time water analysis alerts at an unbeatable price.


Validated Spectral Technology

Newsight’s Spectral sensing technology is based on spectroscopy, a known method for detection and specification. The sensor detects wavelengths in a range of 400nm to 900nm using the absorbance method.

💧The technology is already proven worldwide for Medical applications – most specifically for virus detection.

🌎 Active in over 43 countries

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Potential Applications & Industries

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Municipal Water Monitoring

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Effluent Monitoring

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Environmental/ Agricultural Monitoring

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Food & Beverage Process Monitoring

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Watersight Releases the AquaRing – A Complete Real-Time Sensing Device for Online Water Condition Monitoring

About Watersight

Watersight’s mission is to become a major player in the mass and high-quality, remote, online water monitoring market. By leveraging its unique combination of spectroscopy and AI technology Watersight offers a powerful and affordable, end-to-end SaaS monitoring system. Watersight’s solution enables real time Condition-based Monitoring anytime, anywhere. This unique technology is based on Newsight’s proven spectral sensor, empowered by AI, to provide an accurate diagnosis of the water’s quality and security.

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