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MT LiDAR Features

MT LiDAR (1)
Full 3D map by a single scan
32 depth point
Optimal for distances 5cm – 5m
Ideal for ongoing production & structures inspection control

Frame rate 3000fps (32 concurrent points)

Mapping of multiple depth points
on a line

Depth resolution 20um - 1mm
Real-time response

About the MT LiDAR

The MT LiDAR (Multi-Triangulation reference design) offers a complete solution for versatile and affordable 3D scanning. Newsight Imaging's Multi-Triangulation technology allows ultra-high accuracy for short-distance measurement applications.

The technology supports a high frame rate and is highly configurable for different applications and scenarios. The MT LiDAR is based on the NSI1000 sensor and demonstrates the Multi-Triangulation technology for client evaluation.

MT LiDAR (2)-1

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